Timeless Youth: TELLTALE’s Heartfelt Anthems Resonate Across Generations

Like a John Hughes movie or a thrift store cardigan sweater, the driving rhythm and earnest melody of TELLTALE is both familiar and reinvigorating in equal measure.

The quartet crafts anthems that immediately connect with the kids who pack clubs and theaters to see newer bands like Neck Deep as well as the older set that cherish early records from Fall Out Boy and Lifetime, but with their own distinctive spin. All over the Richmond, Virginia based band’s catalogue, TELLTALE spin stories that are as relatable as growing pains.

Made with earnest ambition and emotional precision, the band’s breakout EP Timeless Youth is a short burst of yearning, soul-searching, melodic desperation, reaching upward toward a peace of mind and wellbeing that is too often frustratingly out of reach. Produced by Zach Jones (As It Is, Fever 333, Lil Lotus), the record follows the breathtaking Good Intentions EP, which was released less than a year after TELLTALE’s initial formation in January 2017.

TELLTALE have steadily charted their own path through impassioned performances and friendly charm, supporting bands like Broadside, As It Is, Real Friends, Assuming We Survive and Young Culture, both at home and on the road.