From Underground Cultists to Pioneers of Extreme Metal

CABAL first emerged from the shadows in 2016 as their first release Purge pushed the boundaries of the extreme metal scene in their homeland. Two years later, their debut album Mark of Rot ripped CABAL out of the Danish underground, establishing the band as an international act with a promising future. Soon after, the band began playing their first big festivals and toured through Europe, Japan and North America. But the cultists had bigger plans.. 

CABAL released their sophomore album Drag Me Down in 2020 – a dark descent into a personal hell brought to life by crushing instrumentals, an oppressive atmosphere and dark personal lyrics delivered with relentless intensity, while still leaving room for experimentation and expansion of CABAL’s signature sound. Drag Me Down took CABAL to new heights, as the shows got bigger and the attention of the music industry grew immensely. 

With guest appearances on their previous albums from none other than Trivium’s Matt Heafy, Jamie Hails of Polaris, CJ McMahon from Thy Art is Murder and Filip Danielsson of Humanity’s Last Breath, CABAL no doubt have friends in every corner of the metal scene. 

In the early winter of 2022, CABAL marked a new era with the release of Magno Interitus, the bands third studio album. Rooted in a wide array of musical influences ranging from black metal and hardcore, to death metal and modern deathcore, CABAL have cemented themselves as a band at the cutting edge of the extreme metal scene, ready to tear down all genre borders.